Covid Night.

In the early hours

You pulled

On the reins of my heart:

Gifting me 

A desperate nightmare.

I could not breathe.

Whatever I did whatever I tried I could not breathe.

I woke up in a dark panic

Gasping for air


Of the hours

Of dark to come.

As I took in each breath 

I prayed:

Breathe on me breath of God,

Fill me with life anew.

Breathe on me.

Breathe on me.

Fill me.

Fill me.

Given life and light

By the same breath that formed

Adam out of the clay,

And blessed the disciples

In the Upper Room.

I understood.

My life was suffocating:

I could not sing.

I was gagged 

In every place


By the Rule of Six.

I wrestled with

The hunger

To gather my children

Around the table

And celebrate the present.

I am one with those who are gasping:

Gasping for company

For work

For guidance

For peace

For life.

The air is full of fear;

It is toxic to the soul

Darkening the mind

Stealing the imagination.

Nothing happens

Without the brow’s sweat.

In this dark revealing

 I came to see 

That all my hope

 And freedom is in Thee.

Forgive me for not breathing 

Deeply of your life.

Forgive me for the wilfulness

 With which I strive.

The purest air lies 

At the centre of the soul;

By your Grace

Be my Life my all.

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1 Response to COVID NIGHT

  1. Andrew says:

    Thank you, Father. I have found such solace in worshipping God and feeling God embrace me when no one else is allowed to. However, much we may miss those who are dear to us, Our Lord is always asking us to let Him in into our hearts and lives and all we have do is say welcome and He will embrace us, comfort us and protect us. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for all you do for me.

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